Liquid silicone rubber is a suberb component for medicial accessories, and together with injection molding anything is possible. We operate within a strict enviroment, A Class 100,000 clean room for LSR molding, to meet all the necessary standards and requirment for medical goods. 

Product Range

Seal Rings


Measuring Cups

Natal Nipples


Inhaler Masks

Excellence and Precision

Our company is well proven for our excellence in product development of technically complicated products, precise production tool manufacturing, and quality production process control. One of our most outstanding capabilities is the simultaneous injection of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) with two different color or two different durometer or dissimilar properties, or in combination with high performance engineering plastics. These manufacturing capabilities are the cornerstones for producing high quality medical parts.

Our factory is equipped with two medical graded clean room workshops dedicated for producing LSR 2K medical parts, assembly and packing. All our clean room workshops are in strict compliance with the prevailing industry standards with real-time monitoring on all environmental factors including the airborne micro particles, temperature and relative humidity. There is also a daily routine maintenance on the clean room workshops.

Our factory is ISO13485 certified for producing medical and pharmaceutical parts, coupled with factory wide GMP employed in all production workshops, our factory is dedicated to supplying high precision high quality medical parts.