Services & Capabilities

In recent years, we have invested significantly in our design resources, precision component and 2K engineering and production facilities, logistics and customer services to help our customers meet with their product development and manufacturing challenges. These recent investments, combined with our over 20 years’ expertise in industrial engineering covering a full array of plastic,silicone and rubber materials, have poised us at the forefront of technology age in serving our customers’ needs for 2K precision components.


Project Consultation

At Guantai our extensive experience in tool design and manufacturing, our capabilities on diverse production technologies and our dedicated customer services can help you with individual part design or complete product design and engineering. The most valuable contribution from us is our in-depth knowledge of material properties for a full spectrum of silicone and rubber materials, and the know-how in processing them. We can offer our services in design review, material selection, parts fabrication, tool design, value engineering, product safety compliance analysis, and product development critical path analysis – these will enable you to select the best design for all critical parts and the most suitable materials for those parts to meet with your product requirements, minimize the production cost and tooling cost, and give you a reliable time frame to complete your new product development process.


  • Concept Development
  • Product Development
  • Product Redesign
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Rapid Prototyping CNC machining
  • Mold Manufacturing
  • Product Safety and Compliance Tests
  • Intellectual Property Management
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Logistics Management

Product Design & Review

We can assist you in perfecting your product design to optimize a balanced mix among production cost, visual appeal, functions and performance. During the product design stage we will ensure that the final product is fitted for mass production, usage and servicing. You know the characteristics of your market and your customers’ needs better than anybody. We listen to you and keep you involved in every step in the product development process so we can make use our experience and technical knowledge to help you come up with a product that best fits with your requirements and budget.

Our team of experienced engineers is committed to help you work out the best option to reduce the production cost, reduce the number of parts looking for 2K component options, enhance its performance or the visual appeal, shortened the product development schedule and to minimize your investment on tooling cost.

CAD / CAM and Engineering Drawing

We are competent in industrial design computer technology, our industrial design and product engineers can apply the latest CAD and CAM systems such as AutoCAD, Pro-Engineer, and SolidWorks to provide a full range 3D design and solid modeling solutions. We can turn your 2D drawing or even your initial hand sketches to a 3D model incorporating all the necessary changes. We will output the final 3D drawings and then send them to you for your review and approval before proceeding to the next step in the product development process.

The 3D data compiled from the CAD system forms the foundation for the subsequent product development stages. Optimal tool paths can be generated from the 3D model, and the resulting numeric code is transmitted to the rapid prototyping machine or 3D printer for building the prototype for design validation. After the prototype is validated and the necessary changes made on the CAD model, the final drawing can be used at the CNC Machining Center for producing the production tool.

Modeling - Rapid Prototyping / 3D Printing & Conventional Modeling

Modeling is a critical stage in a new product development process. It enables you to reduce your product development cost and shorten the product development timeframe. Designers and engineers from both your company and our factory can check the appearance, form fit and the performance of a part before production tooling is started. Necessary changes can be made on the model easily. Once the model and its related drawings are verified the production tooling can then be started immediately.

Besides providing technologically advanced rapid prototyping / 3D printing services to our customers, we are also a specialist in conventional modeling. Our contracted experienced and talented sculptors can produce exceptionally high quality sculpts in a full range of materials of your selection.

With the sculpt or the model produced by rapid prototyping, temporary mold can be made in a short period of time to produce much larger quantity of prototypes. These temporary molds can be made from epoxy, zinc alloy or aluminum.

Mold Design & Manufacturing

To stay at the forefront of technology age and our customers’ demand for more and better application solutions, with our investments on the latest technologically sophisticated precision tool manufacturing machines, we have significantly expanded our inhouse 2K precision tooling manufacturing capability.

CAD/CDM software is linked to the mold-manufacturing workshop, which enables the generated NC programming to transfer the part design into precision cutter paths at the CNC Machining Centers.

The full range of most technologically advanced and fully integrated CNC Machines, CNC EDM and CNC Wire Cut Machinery; which are some of the newest production facilities and equipment in the mold manufacturing industry, allows us to supply you with the best applications on the tooling design and highly precise 2K injection molds with exacting tolerances within the shortest timeframe.

At Guantai we are committed to supplying only the exceptionally high quality molds to you that meet and exceed your expectations - whether your needs are for temporary molds for a limited number of shots or for long lasting production molds.

Product Safety and Compliance Tests

At Guantai we don’t produce a mold on its own right rather we always take into consideration that the finished part or product produced from the molds can meet with and exceed the prevailing international, federal and industry product safety requirements. Our factory is equipped with a full spectrum of testing equipment with which our experienced engineers can help you undertake the necessary mechanical tests and product life tests required on your products.

Alternatively, we can arrange your products to be tested by an authentic independent laboratory so a compliance certificate can be issued to your products to meet with the specific requirements in your own country.

Product Manufacturing

We take pride in our abilities to work with our customers together to formulate a custom designed and comprehensive production process control plan and quality assurance system for a new product to ensure that it is produced in strict compliance with the specific operation procedures and its performances can meet with the predetermined criteria and characteristics.

We don’t take any chance that a substandard production lot is released shipment to our customers. Our QC engineers therefore also conduct independent AQL inspection on every production lot to ensure that its quality meet with the requisite requirements.

Logistics Management

Our corporate headquarters is located in Shenzhen, China, and our sales office is located in Hong Kong, we are in close geographical proximity with all our factories. Shenzhen and Hong Kong are both the world leading air and shipping transportation hubs providing timely and cost effective transportation network to all major cities in the world. These not only facilitates all the workloads involved in the product development process they also provides us the competitive edges on order and logistics management as our competent sales team can readily supply reliable order status, production information as well as shipping information to our customers on timely fashion.

To shorten the communications flow and documentation flows we are also engaged by many our customers to represent them to process all the shipping documents on their behalf for shipments destined to them and directly to their own customers. This stream of logistics management services, which builds on a high level of mutual trust, allows our customers to concentrate their efforts in new product development and sales and rest the management and paperwork for order administration and shipping arrangement to our hands.

At Guantai we are committed to being our customer the most reliable design and technical solutions partner. To offer a seamless one-stop, complete, comprehensive and competent service to our customers is always our goal.