Baby Products

Silicone rubber is soft, pliable and cost effective, making it an excellent component the production of baby products that need will nuture the little one every step of the way. Our silicone baby products meet with all the required specifications and regualations to provide you with peace of mind.

Product Range

Feeding Bibs

Finger Toothbrushes



Baby Bowls

Precision in production and material

Li.quid silicone rubber is widely used in baby products, due to its soft and pilable nature. Baby products are very demanding in material selection, product supply and production environment, since baby products are required to be manufactured in a cleanroom. Our company is well proven for our excellence in product development of technically complicated products, precise production tool manufacturing, and quality production process control. 

Our factory is equipped with two medical graded clean room workshops dedicated for producing LSR 2K parts, assembly and packing. All our clean room workshops are in strict compliance with the prevailing industry standards with real-time monitoring on all environmental factors including the airborne micro particles, temperature and relative humidity. There is also a daily routine maintenance on the clean room workshops.

Our factory is ISO13485 certified for producing medical and pharmaceutical parts, coupled with factory wide GMP employed in all production workshops, our factory is dedicated to supplying high precision high quality baby products.