Consumer Electronics

It is hard to find any electronic device these days that is not covered with some sort of silicone or rubber protector. Silicone rubber is soft, pliable and cost effective. We strive to provide the very best design and application to your projects at all times.

Product Range

Earbud Covers

Button Covers

Headphone Covers

Watch Straps

Bluetooth Speaker Covers

Jack and Wire Seals

Seal Rings

Highly Customizable Solutions

Since its inception our company has been undergoing sustained growth in business turnover and expansion in our product mix. We are widely recognized in the industry as a reliable, quality, efficient, services-oriented supplier of precision rubber parts and silicone parts. Benefitted from our strict quality assurance and quality control system and our manufacturing capabilities of precision parts we have become a leading supplier in Shenzhen, China for both rubber, silicone and thermoplastic parts. Being a fully integrated ODM and OEM manufacturer that delivers complete product development and production services to our business partners around the world our natural migration is to supply high precision high quality parts to those key players in the consumer electronics industries.