Your Partner for 2K Precision Components

At Guantai, our mission is to provide an integrated product design and engineering service to our customers during the whole product development process, that can be validated and proved to be the best solution in their applications.

Whatever market a company works in, the active management of product life cycle and new products development are crucial to the growth and profitability of a company.

Active management in these two fields can significantly reduce the time and costs incurred on new product launch, improve production efficiency and enhance better customer services.

With fully integrated product design and engineering services, we are committed to assist our customers in executing the active management of the whole product development process – from beginning to the end.

Whenever we are engaged to assist in a product development project we have only one objective in mind: to ensure that the desired features,

appearances and functionality of the finished product will be accomplished with the most cost effective manner within the prescribed time frame.

With our solution oriented and application focus approach, we can provide a creative, practical and cost-effective solution tailored to our customer complex product development challenges.

You are most welcome to contact our sales and engineering team to assist in your product development efforts. You can be assured to have an enjoyable working relationship with us, and a novelty experience in your product development efforts.

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